Acceptance of the holiday contract. Your holiday contract is made with Siblu Europe Ltd (‘the Company’) acting as agent on behalf of Siblu France SAS, a simplified joint-stock company registered at the Bordeaux RCS (French Commercial Register for companies) under the number 321 737 736, SIRET 321
737 736 000 58, VAT FR 73 321 737 736, with a capital of €2 819 200, whose main office is located at: Europarc, 10 avenue Léonard de Vinci, 33600 PESSAC, FRANCE. Bookings contact information: reservations@siblu.fr - tel 0208 610 0186. These communication tools incur no specific cost but phone calls will be charged at a local rate.

Siblu Europe Ltd is registered with Companies House under the number 00600955, at the address: 5th Floor, 6 St. Andrew Street, London, EC4A 3AE. 

Any booking made by a customer (hereafter the "Customer") for a holiday during the year 2022 with Siblu Europe implies the unconditional acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale which prevail over any other document, except by prior written agreement of Siblu Europe. Any document other than these conditions (including catalogues, flyers, advertising, etc.) only hold informative and indicative value. If you do not accept all or part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, your booking with Siblu Europe is invalid.

Customers are informed that the translation of these General Terms and Conditions into any language other than French is for their convenience only. In the event of any discrepancy or contradiction between the French version and the translated version, the French version will prevail.
The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions’ is to define the terms and conditions for booking an accommodation or touring pitch situated on a holiday park that is operated under the Trademark "Siblu" (hereinafter referred to as a ‘Siblu Village’) by the Customer.

When a booking is made, the ‘lead name’ on the booking confirms that he or she has the authority to act on behalf of the party and in that capacity agrees to the terms of these booking conditions. After we receive your booking and all appropriate payments, we will confirm the arrangements are available by issuing a confirmation invoice. This is a binding agreement and will come into existence between us when we dispatch this invoice to the ‘lead name’ or your Travel Agent. This contract is governed by English Law, and the jurisdiction of the English Courts. It is important to check your invoice carefully to ensure that all the details are exactly as you requested. In the event of any discrepancy, please contact Siblu or your Travel Agent immediately as it may not be possible to make changes later.

The contract with Siblu Europe will not be concluded and valid until the final acceptance by Siblu Europe of the Customer’s booking. The invoice sent following a deposit payment for the booking will be treated as Siblu’s acceptance of the booking.

However, Siblu Europe reserves the right to refuse any booking request that does not comply with offers in the brochure or published on the Siblu website.

The Customer acknowledges having fully read and acknowledged these General Terms and Conditions, which can also be found on the website www.siblu.ie, and having accepted the Terms and Conditions prior to any booking.

Any booking is strictly personal to the Customer. Therefore, the rights and obligations detailed in these Terms and Conditions cannot in any circumstances be transferred by the Customer to a third party in any form or for any reason.

3.1 Booking terms

Bookings for renting an accommodation or touring pitch will only be accepted from adults of a minimum age of 18 or over who have the legal capacity to enter into a contract. Bookings can be made:

  • Online at holidays.siblu.ie
  • With the help of our booking teams either by phone or in person at a Siblu Village

For bookings made remotely (by internet or telephone) the Customer will not benefit from any withdrawal period (art L. 221-28 12 ° of the French Consumer Code).

3.2 Mandatory information
The number of people staying at a mobile home cannot exceed a fixed maximum capacity. This maximum capacity will vary depending on the type and category of accommodation and also on the regulations within your Siblu Village.

Any individual or organisation making a booking must provide the full name and age of every person included in the booking. Siblu Europe will not accept bookings from anyone under the age of 18 or bookings for underage persons without an adult with parental authority being present for the whole duration of their holiday.

3.3 Bookings made at least four weeks before the beginning of your holiday
Unless a special offer applies, all bookings must be made with a deposit of 20% of the total cost of the holiday. The remaining balance must be paid at least four weeks before the start date of your holiday. Please note that if the holiday costs less than €100 the Customer must pay in full at the time of booking. The Customer’s deposit is only cashed in if the booking is accepted by Siblu Europe. If Siblu Europe does not accept the booking then the deposit will be returned in full as soon as possible.

3.4 Bookings made less than four weeks before the start of your holiday
If the booking is made less than four weeks before the start of a holiday, the Customer must pay for the holiday in full at the time of the booking.

3.5 Reselling or exchanging
A Customer cannot exchange or resell their booking to a third party in any circumstances. If Siblu Europe becomes aware of any such transaction, it may take any appropriate action against the Customer and /or any of the parties involved, including any due legal action.

3.6 Specific requests
The Customer may make special requests at the time of booking. Siblu Europe will do its best to fulfil such requests but is under no obligation to guarantee the result.

3.7 Booking specific accommodation
Subject to availability, the Customer has the choice between the following when making a booking:

Either they can choose a standard accommodation option, which gives them the opportunity to select an accommodation model but not a specific pitch during the booking process. The different models vary in a number of ways, including the surface area of the accommodation and the capacity (for more information on the different models, the Customer can consult the following webpage https://www.siblu.ie/camping/accommodation). The final pitch will be assigned by Siblu and will be communicated to the Customer at a later date, by the date of their arrival at latest.

Or they can choose specific accommodation and pitch on the map in exchange for the payment of an additional charge per night, the price of which will be calculated based on the current rate.

In cases where the specific accommodation chosen by the Customer is no longer available after they have made their booking, the conditions of article7.2 apply. In the case of a force majeure or unforeseeable and insurmountable action taken by third party, the conditions of article 14 apply.

3.8 Information and Prices
Up to date information about prices can be found on our website www.siblu.co.uk and our booking engine holidays.siblu.ie or by calling 01 526 8658. However, Siblu Europe cannot be held responsible for any information or prices until they have been confirmed in writing by the sending of a final invoice. Unless you are booking your holiday with the ‘handpick your holiday home’ option then the features of the mobile homes may vary depending on the type, the model, or the Siblu Village in question. Certain types and models of mobile homes may change category depending on the Village.

3.9 Publication of prices
The price per night, after any reduction, discount or offer, cannot be lower than the minimum price set by Siblu. Siblu reserves the right to not apply any discount or special offer or any combination of discounts or offers if this would bring the total cost of the holiday below the minimum price set by Siblu. The total price for the holiday includes all taxes – except tourist tax - and is based on the prices on the day the Customer makes their booking. Prices are subject to change without notice, even within the same season. In addition, any new tax or similar charge relating to the holiday booking, including any increase in tax, will be the Customer’s responsibility even if Siblu is primarily liable for it.

3.10 What the price includes
3.10.1 The price of the holiday at the time of booking only includes the following:

  • Rental of the accommodation or touring pitch
  • Water, gas (apart from touring pitches) and electricity
  • Fun Passes for all guests included in the booking
  • Access to pool complexes, entertainment and any sports and leisure facilities which are not shown as having an extra charge
  • Access to kids’ clubs where available
  • Any additional extras selected at the time of booking
  • The Freedom Guarantee

3.10.2 The price of the holiday at the time of booking does not include the following:

  • Any services not included in paragraph 3.10.1 above
  • The extra cost of any optional activities with an extra charge
  • The Equipment Damage Waiver
  • Cleaning during or at the end of your holiday
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Baby equipment
  • Food and drink
  • Administration fees of €15 when booking over the phone
  • Insurance
  • Tourist tax is collected on behalf of the local authorities and is not included in the price of the holiday. However, depending on the Siblu Village chosen by the Customer, it may be possible to pay the tourist tax during the booking process (the Customer will be informed if this is the case). If the tourist tax is not paid during the booking process, it must be paid in person on arrival.

3.11 Discount code
If the Customer is entitled to a ‘discount code’, this must be entered during the booking in the tab provided. Any attempt to use a discount code after a booking has been made is null and void.

4.1 Accommodation

Once a Customer’s booking is accepted by Siblu Europe, a confirmation invoice with the date of acceptance will be issued and sent by email or by post if requested. Payment will be cleared only after acceptance of the booking by Siblu Europe. Payments will be accepted in Sterling (£) or Euros (€). Invoices will be issued in English.

4.2 Touring pitches
Once a Customer’s booking is accepted by Siblu Europe, a confirmation invoice with the date of acceptance is issued. The payment of the contractually fixed amount for the rental of a touring pitch (minus the deposit already paid) must be paid on the day of arrival at the latest.

4.3 Non-payment
If full payment is not made as set out above (paragraphs 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 & 4.2) Siblu Europe reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled in accordance with paragraph 8 below (‘Cancellation by the Customer’)

4.4 Methods of payment accepted
For bookings made more than four weeks before the start of the Customer’s holiday, payment may be made as follows:

  • Credit/debit card: Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express
  • Paypal
  • Cheque made payable to ‘Siblu Europe SAS’

When making a booking less than four weeks before the start of the holiday, the Customer may only pay by credit/debit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard/American Express).

The Customer’s bank card will be debited directly after payment for the amount that is contractually required at the moment of the transaction, this is unless an option for payment in multiple instalments has been offered to and accepted by the Customer.

For bookings made for a Siblu Village in the Netherlands, payments must be made by credit or debit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard/American Express), no matter when the booking is made.

Bookings for accommodation and touring pitches must be for a minimum of 7 nights in high season (some Villages accept bookings for a minimum of 4 nights in high season. Please refer to our website www.siblu.ie and our booking engine holidays.siblu.ie) and 3 nights minimum in low season for accommodation (except where there is a special offer or promotion). There is no minimum stay required for touring pitches in low season.

Siblu Europe recommends that the Customer should have suitable insurance cover for their holiday. Please call our team on 01 526 8658 for details of Siblu's insurance options for customers travelleing from Ireland. 

7.1 Modification by the Customer

7.1.1 Request for modification more than four weeks before the holiday start date
In principle, once the booking is confirmed by Siblu Europe, the contract is firm and definitive and it is no longer possible to modify it. However, when booking with Siblu Europe, the Customer benefits from the Freedom Guarantee which allows for a single modification per stay, subject to the conditions of this article (in particular, the duration of the holiday cannot be reduced, and any modification is subject to the availability of Siblu Europe) as long as this modification takes place more than four weeks before the start of the holiday. Any request for modification must be made in writing by the Customer. Siblu Europe endeavours to accept as many requests to modify the date, the type of accommodation and pitch as possible within the limits of availability at the date of the request for modification. The modifications will be deemed to have been accepted by Siblu Europe only after a written confirmation of this modification has been sent to the Customer. In the case of any additional requests for modification outside of the Freedom Guarantee, Siblu Europe can look into the possibility of granting the request and will grant it subject to availability. This may incur a handling fee of €25 (twenty-five euros). If the cost of the new booking is greater than that of the original booking, the Customer must pay the difference.

7.1.2 Request for modification less than four weeks before the before the holiday start date
Less than four weeks before the start of the holiday no change is possible.

7.2 Modification by Siblu Europe:
In the event of the accommodation being modified by Siblu Europe before the beginning of the holiday or on the day of the Customer’s arrival, Siblu Europe will attempt to offer the Customer, subject to availability, accommodation of a similar level of quality with similar or equivalent facilities. Should this occur, the Customer will not have to pay additional fees. Siblu Europe will reimburse the Customer with the price difference in cases where the substituted accommodation is of a lower value, as well as any reimbursing any additional fees that the Customer may have paid in order to choose a specific pitch. If the Customer does not accept the modification, they can cancel their booking free of charge and Siblu Europe will reimburse the total amount paid by the Customer.

Any holiday that has started must be paid in full. Thus, a premature departure of holidaymakers during the rental period cannot give rise to any refund for any reason. Any request for cancellation of a booking must be submitted in the form of a written notification by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: Siblu Europe, Service Réservations, 10 avenue Léonard de Vinci, 33600 Pessac - France, and be received no later than the day before the expected date of arrival. The postmark will prevail to determine if the cancellation request is valid. Except in the case expressly mentioned above (cancellation during the holiday period), refunds following a cancellation of the accommodation booking or the pitch are made according to the following conditions:

8.1 Cancellation of pre-booked accommodation
If the customer cancels their holiday more than four weeks before the start of the holiday, Siblu Europe will keep an amount equal to the 20% deposit.

If the customer cancels within four weeks of their holiday start date, no refund is possible and Siblu Europe will retain an amount equivalent to 100% of the total price of the booking.

For all refunds, Siblu Europe reserves the right to refund the Customer by cheque or bank transfer.

8.2 Cancellation of a pre-booked touring pitch
When cancelling a booking for a touring pitch, an amount equivalent to the deposit paid will be retained by Siblu Europe.

With the exception of circumstances or linked to a force majeure event (including the decisions and injunctions of public authorities) or unforeseeable and insurmountable action by a third party as specified in article 14, if Siblu Europe is compelled to cancel a booking and is unable to offer the Customer a similar or equivalent substitute for the same holiday dates, Siblu Europe undertakes to offer the Customer, depending on availability, the choice between an equivalent holiday at another date or compensation. The amount of compensation offered will be determined according to the following conditions:

  • Siblu Europe will refund all payments already made by the Customer plus compensation equal to the sum that the Customer would have had to pay if they had cancelled the booking at the same date (see articles 7.1.1 and 7.1.2). The provisions of this article do not in any way prevent the conclusion of an amicable agreement in which the Customer accepts a substitute holiday proposed by Siblu Europe.

At the end of the holiday, the Customer is required to leave their accommodation clean and the pitch in a good general condition. Siblu Europe offers a "Damage Waiver" option to cover any accidental damage that may be caused during the holiday, excluding damage caused intentionally or through negligence or recklessness. The cost of the damage waiver is fixed at €35 (thirty-five EUROS) per accommodation, and does not cover the cost of cleaning. If the Customer does not purchase a Damage Waiver, a more significant deposit will be required (see art.11.2).

11.1 If the Damage Waiver has been purchased:

Only a deposit of €130 (one hundred and thirty euros) will be required from the Customer on arrival before key handover can take place. This deposit is intended to cover any cleaning costs and items missing from the inventory, excluding objects covered by the Damage Waiver.

11.2 If the Damage Waiver has not been purchased:

11.2.1 Use of the SWIKLY service Registration of the Customer’s bank details
The Customer agrees to make:

A deposit of €300 (three hundred euros) to cover any damages that may occur during the Customer’s holiday;
A deposit of €130 (one hundred and thirty euros) to cover any necessary cleaning services or any items missing from the inventory;

Therefore a total deposit of €430 (four hundred and thirty euros).

The deposit is managed by SWIKLY, a business partner of Siblu Europe. The Customer must read and agree to all the conditions of using SWIKLY’s services, which can be found at the following web address
http://storage.swikly.com/docs/CGU_SWIKLY_EN.pdf?_ga=2.80115664.675017478.1604912751-692642297.1604912751. Using the service is free for the Customer, however they will be charged if Siblu Europe makes a request to collect the deposit from SWIKLY.

In this context, the Customer accepts that SWIKLY will take a bank guarantee from the bank card for a period of three months maximum, in order to manage the deposit. 30 days before their arrival, the Customer will receive an email introducing SWIKLY and inviting them to register their bank card. The Customer should then click on the link containing their booking ID in order to:

  • Register their bank card on SWIKLY’s secure website
  • Allow a ‘bank guarantee’ to be taken from their bank card for the amount and the time period specified
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the service
  • Create a personal SWIKLY account

The Customer’s bank card will not be debited when registered. It will only be debited in the case of damage to the rented accommodation and if Siblu Europe makes a valid request for deposit collection from SWIKLY. The Customer is informed that SWIKLY is responsible for verifying and checking the requests for deposit collection.

For any questions about how SWIKLY operates, the Customer can consult the website: https://www.swikly.com/views/faqEndUser.php In case of dispute
SWIKLY is a trusted third party and can act as a mediator in the case of dispute at the request of the Customer and/or Siblu Europe. SWIKLY can be contacted at the following address: SWIKLY, 12 rue de la Barre, 69002 Lyon, FRANCE – contact@swikly.com

In order to prepare for any appeal to SWIKLY, the Customer commits to the following on arrival in the accommodation:

  • To take photographs of the rented accommodation both on arrival and departure and to conserve them for as long as the appeal is under review
  • To keep a record of all written exchanges with Siblu Europe for as long as the appeal is under review by SWIKLY (emails, text messages, etc.)
  • To submit complete and correct evidence to SWIKLY, within a maximum time limit of 7 days following a request from SWIKLY
  • The Customer must declare that all the evidence provided is complete and accurate

The accommodation is assumed to have been transferred to the Customer in good condition by Siblu Europe. The Customer recognises that, if they cannot provide the aforementioned evidence to SWIKLY in the agreed time period and if they cannot prove the condition of the accommodation when it was returned to Siblu Europe, they will be held accountable for any damage to the accommodation.

The Customer is informed that they remain free to take any action either via SWIKLY, the MEDICYS as detailed in article 16.3, with Siblu Europe directly, or in any court of competent jurisdiction.

A complete copy of SWIKLY’s general terms and conditions of use are available on the website www.swikly.com.

11.2.2 If SWIKLY’s services are not used
If the Customer does not sign up to the service offered by SWIKLY, the Customer agrees, under these Terms and Conditions to give to Siblu Europe, on the day of their arrival and before the key handover takes place, the sum of €430 as a deposit (to cover cleaning costs and any potential damages). This amount will be returned at the end of their stay, after the accommodation has been checked and has been found to be in good condition. If it is not possible to check the accommodation at the time of departure (eg. departure very early/late in the day), Siblu Europe reserves the right to keep deposits and return them within one week, in full or with fees deducted according to the condition in which the accommodation is returned (in which case expenses incurred will be justified).

The "End of stay cleaning" option costs £70 (seventy pounds) or €80 (Eighty Euros) provided that it is reserved 48 hours before the end of the stay.


The Customer agrees that they are familiar with the terms of the Village rules and regulations and agrees to take full responsibility for ensuring that the terms of the Village regulations are respected by themselves, any persons accompanying them, and any visitors. They also agree to take full responsibility for any damages that they, those accompanying them, or their visitors may cause. In particular, and as a condition for the signature of Siblu, the Customer undertakes to comply with the Village regulation concerning the quality of life of other residents, to ensure that they never engage in abusive behaviour or make abusive, defamatory, derogatory, racist or threatening remarks to other customers or Siblu staff. On Siblu Villages, the Village regulations can be acquired at the reception desk or from the on-site team. In particular, the access to swimming pools is subject to regulations regarding pool safety. The Customer and anyone accompanying them may be asked to show their wristband or Fun Pass at the entrance, and a minimum height may be necessary to access the water slides. The Customer agrees to occupy and use the rented accommodation and the shared areas and facilities in a reasonable manner and to leave their accommodation and its pitch in a good condition when they depart at the end of their holiday. In case of serious or repeated non-compliance by the Customer with these Terms and Conditions and/or with the Village regulations (including disturbing other residents, damage to shared facilities, or improper occupation of accommodation with a number of occupants exceeding the authorised capacity), or in case of the Customer not complying with their key obligations as an occupant, Siblu Europe retains the right to terminate, immediately and automatically, the concluded contract (and therefore the holiday) without providing any compensation.

13.1 Arrival and departure times

Accommodation is available from 4pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am the day of departure. The touring pitches are available from 2pm on the day of arrival of the Customer, and must be vacated before noon on the day of departure.

13.2 Arrival and departure times - Leeway
Siblu Europe accepts arrivals in the manner described in paragraph 13.1 until 10 am on the day following the arrival date stated in the booking confirmation. If the Customer wishes to later than this time, they must inform the Siblu Village or the central Siblu call centre. Following this cut-off time, if Siblu Europe has not been notified, the booking will be considered to have been cancelled by the Customer and cannot therefore infer any refund (see article 8).

13.3 Village opening hours and access to motorised vehicles
Access to the mobile home in a motorised vehicle may only be permitted before 10pm in some Villages. After this time, access may be limited and the Customer may have to park their vehicle outside the Siblu Village or in the car park at the entrance if there is one. In general, only one car is permitted per pitch.

The services provided on the Siblu Village as detailed in these terms and conditions, may be affected by force majeure events, as detailed in Article 1218 of the French Civil Code, which either threaten the safety of residents of a Siblu Village or which are imposed upon Siblu.

In the event of a force majeure, Siblu Europe cannot be held responsible for any resulting consequences, such as temporary or permanent closure of facilities, interruption of the power and water supply or removal of services. This is particularly the case when the measures taken by Siblu Europe are taken to ensure the safety of Customers and Village users. The decisions and injunctions of public authorities are hereby declared to have the same consequences as the cases of force majeure referred to above.

Similarly, if one or more circumstances independent of Siblu Europe and/or related to a force majeure as detailed in Article 1218 of the French Civil Code results in the total or partial closure of a Siblu Village, the cancellation of the Customer's stay or the unavailability of their mobile home, Siblu Europe can in no way be held liable for any reason whatsoever.

Under no circumstances can Siblu assume responsibility for the safety of personal belongings in its Villages. The liability of Siblu Europe cannot be established in case of:

  • Theft, loss, damage or deterioration of personal belongings of any kind during or after a holiday
  • Technical equipment breaking down or being out of order
  • Breakdown or closure of certain Village installations when these are beyond the control of Siblu Europe and linked to cases of force majeure
  • Specific measures, taken by the Village management, limiting access to certain facilities, including changing rooms and swimming pool, when this is necessary in order to comply with safety standards or to allow for periodic maintenance work
  • Damage caused to or suffered by the vehicles of residents while they are parked or circulating in the Villages, even if they have been expressly authorised to enter the Siblu Villages. The Customer is particularly aware of risks relating to the environment and natural events
  • Modification of the animation/entertainment program or proposed activities, temporary closure of facilities for reasons beyond the control of Siblu Europe
  • Any service delivered by a third party
  • Unforeseeable and insurmountable action by a third party which disrupts the provision of services delivered by Siblu Europe and results in their nonperformance or poor performance
  • Non-performance or poor performance of the concluded contract when this is the fault of the Customer

Outside of the months of July and August, for reasons related to the number of holidaymakers, Siblu Europe reserves the right to modify or remove certain facilities, amenities, services or planned events. When booking a holiday in low season, Siblu Europe advises the Customer to ask their booking adviser for more information, depending on the Siblu Village.

Most Siblu Villages offer adapted mobile homes for people with reduced mobility. However, some people will still require the assistance of a person who does not have a disability in the accommodation. It is important for the Customer to contact Siblu Europe before booking. 

17.1 Assignment of IP rights for the Customer’s image

During their stay, the Customer and their children may have their picture taken by Siblu Europe. In such case, the Customer assigns to Siblu Europe, free of charge, the right to fix, reproduce, represent, adapt, and/or duplicate any photo on any media whether currently known or unknown, including on paper (such as brochures or posters), in digital or electronic form (by email, on any website and social network) and more generally on any network and any electronic service used for transmitting and communicating images on TV broadcasting or telecommunication network, in any form and any way, whether currently known or unknown. This authorisation is valid exclusively for the promotional needs of Siblu Europe, in the entire world and for a duration of 3 years.

17.2 Fun Pass – Controlled access to Club Fun
Depending on the regulations of the Village where the Customer is staying, each person may be required to provide a photo in order to allow controlled access to Club Fun. The Customer duly agrees, including for their children, such use by Siblu Europe and/or by a duly authorised subcontractor only. The photo of the Customer and/or their children is kept solely for the duration of their holiday.

18.1 - Satisfaction

In case of any problem or anomaly during the course of his or her stay, Siblu Europe invites the Customer to contact the manager of the relevant Village without delay so that they can resolve any issues to the best of their ability.

18.2 - Customer Relations Department
If, regardless of the efforts of Siblu Europe in the Village, the Customer is unsatisfied with their stay and wishes to make a complaint, Siblu Europe invites the Customer to send a letter to the following address as soon as possible: Siblu Europe, Customer Relations Department, 10 Avenue Leonardo da Vinci, 33600 Pessac - France. The Customer is asked to specify the name of the person who booked the accommodation, the booking number, the place and dates of the holiday and the type of mobile home or the pitch number in their letter, in order to help Siblu Europe to process the complaint. Similarly, the Customer is asked to attach any supporting documents to their letter to limit the time taken to process the complaint: this may include confirmation provided by the site or personal documents (confirmation document, medical note, invoices, etc.). If no complaint has been brought to the attention of the Customer Relations Department within the 28 days following the end of the Customer's holiday, it will be assumed that the holiday took place in satisfactory conditions, except for in exceptional circumstances. Siblu Europe undertakes to respond within 28 days of receipt of the complaint.

18.3 Mediation
In case of dispute, after having contacted Siblu Europe’s Customer Service Department, the Customer may involve a consumer mediator, within a maximum time period of one year starting from the sending of a written claim to Siblu Europe by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The Customer may make a referral to the following mediator:

Online referral by completing the form provided: www.medicys.fr
Referral by email: contact@medicys.fr
Referral by post: MEDICYS - Centre of mediation and amicable settlement of the judicial officers - 73, Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 - PARIS
Telephone: 01 49 70 15 93

18.4 ABTA
We are a Member of ABTA, membership number P6982. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. We can also offer you ABTA’s scheme for the resolution of disputes which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. If we can’t resolve your complaint, go to www.abta.com to use ABTA’s simple procedure. Further information on the Code and ABTA’s assistance in resolving disputes can be found on www.abta.com. You can also access the European Commission Online Dispute (ODR) Resolution platform here. This ODR platform is a means of registering your complaint with us; it will not determine how your complaint should be resolved.  

19.1 Identity of the data controller

Siblu Europe is the data controller and is responsible for processing personal data concerning the Customer. Contact information is available in article 19.8.

19.2 Legal basis and purposes
Customer data is necessarily collected by Siblu on the grounds of this contract in order for the booking request to be processed. This data is necessary for the conclusion and execution of this contract as well as for managing the ‘customer account’. Commercial prospecting: On the grounds of legitimate interest, Siblu is likely to send messages of a commercial nature relating to Siblu products and similar services provided by Siblu itself (including holidays, purchasing a mobile holiday home or yearly rental of a pitch). The Customer has the right to object to this free of charge and at any time by contacting Siblu in the manner described in article 19.8. Similarly, the Customer is informed that when they provide Siblu with their phone number, unless they object, they may receive offers from Siblu by phone.

19.3 Type of data collected
The personal data collected includes the surname, first name, title, age, postal and email address, telephone number and/or mobile phone number of the Customer. In the event of a debit request, bank details (IBAN/BIC) will also be collected. When using a credit/debit card, encrypted data is collected by the payment service provider.

19.4 Recipients of the data
This customer data will be communicated to authorised Siblu staff members (staff at the village and staff in the owners’ department, sales and marketing departments and the accounting department at the Siblu headquarters) for the purposes described in article 19.2. Certain data may be shared with our service providers in their role of sub-contractors, namely:

  • Your identifying information and bank card details will be communicated to our payment service provider for the purpose of payment for your holiday in the capacity of payment service provider;
  • Your identifying information and your contact details are hosted by our reservation management software service provider
  • Your Siblu Village uses software to manage pitch availabilities and arrival and departures. None of your data will be transferred to the service provider, however they may be able to access it in exceptional circumstances related to a support operation
  • Institute of Marketing Studies INIT: Your identifying information and contact details are used to send satisfaction surveys
  • Your identifying information and your contact details are communicated to our service provider Guest Suite in order to manage online comments.
  • Your identifying information and your contact details are communicated to our technical provider for the purpose of emailing

Siblu Europe ensures that each provider respects the stipulations in place.

As part of the deposit management service, Customer data is communicated to SWIKLY in its capacity as data controller.

19.5 Data Conservation
Personal data collected during the performance of these Terms and Conditions are kept for the duration of the holiday. Furthermore, it is agreed that:

  • Accounting documents and supporting documentation are kept on record for ten years (Article L123-22 of the French Commercial Code)
  • If a contract is concluded electronically, it is kept on record for a period of ten years (article L213-1 of the French Consumer Code)
  • If a contract is not concluded electronically, it is kept on record for a period of 5 years (Article L110-4 of the French Commercial Code)
  • Bank details are kept on record only the duration necessary for completing the payment transaction. However, credit/debit card numbers may be kept in “pending records" by the accounts service supplier in case of potential dispute about any transaction for a period of 13 months in accordance with Article L133-24 of the Monetary and Financial Code.

19.6 Implementation of rights
The Customer has a right of access to their personal data as well as a right to the rectification or deletion of their data (it is specified that this right may be limited with regard to Siblu’s contractual and/or legal obligations). The Customer also has a right to restriction of processing of their personal data in the cases specified by regulation (in particular article 18 of the General Data Protection Regulation), a right to data portability and a right to oppose the use of their data by Siblu for commercial prospecting. Requests for the implementation of these rights can be made free of charge and must be submitted in the manner described in article 19.8. The Customer can also make a claim to the la Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (The French Information Commissioner’s Office) whose head office is situated at 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07. Telephone: +331 53 73 22 22.

19.7 Data Transfer
The Customer's data is communicated to the service provider of our booking management software and may be accessible, as part of support operations, at its office outside of the European Union. The Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) adopted by the European Commission have been put in place with this service provider in order to ensure an adequate level of protection as recognised by the European Union. With the exception of this case, the Customer's data is not intended to leave the European Union.

19.8 Contact
For any additional information, the Customer may contact the Siblu Data Protection Officer at the following address: dpo@siblu.fr or in writing to the headquarters of Siblu Europe located at 10 avenue Léonard de Vinci, 33600 PESSAC - France, for the attention of the Data Protection Officer.

Except as otherwise required by the EC Regulation n° 593/2008 of 17 June 2008 on the law applicable to contractual obligations (Rome I), any dispute arising between the Customer and Siblu Europe relating to the interpretation or the implementation of these General Terms and Conditions is subject to French law.
We would like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • Air conditioning: Air conditioning is available as an optional extra for certain types of accommodation and will allow you to decrease the temperature by a maximum of 8° C.
  • Swimming pools: wearing T-shirts is forbidden in our swimming pools, as is the use of buoys or water games. Any swimsuit may be worn as long as it meets the standards of safety and hygiene in place (swimming suit, burkini, etc.).
  • Pets: In general, pets are not allowed on-site. However, Siblu may allow Customers to be accompanied by a dog under the following conditions:
    • The Customer must have made a booking for a Village and an accommodation where dogs are accepted and must have received express confirmation from Siblu
    • The Customer must pay an additional €6 per night per accommodation (maximum of 2 dogs accepted per accommodation)
    • Dogs falling into French category 1 and 2 are not permitted
    • Dogs must be kept on a lead while on the village and should remain under the constant supervision of the Customer
    • The Customer must pick up their dog’s excrement immediately
    • The dog must be tagged or microchipped
    • The Customer must present an immunisation record on arrival
    • The Customer must respect the clauses of the village regulations relating to pets.
    • At any point, any animal allowed on the site may be banned by Siblu in the event of hostile or dangerous behaviour and/or the event of it causing disturbance or leading to complaints from neighboursSmoking is not permitted in the mobile homes
  • Kids’ clubs: the kids’ clubs are not childcare facilities. The children remain under the responsibility of the parents: their presence is physically required for the Bubble’s Playroom and they must remain on the Village and be reachable at any time for the Pirate’s Clubs, Barracuda’s Clubs and Teen’s Club. For safety reasons, and in order to ensure the clubs can take place in the best conditions, the kids’ clubs may be obliged to turn away your child in cases of overcrowding.