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Children's clubs & activities


Children's Clubs

Kids Activities, whatever the age of your children!

Children's friends

Patch, Max and Lili, the 3 Siblu mascots will accompany your children


Safe freedom

Siblu pays particular attention to the safety of your toddlers.



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Kids Clubs

Siblu offers fantastic activities and the chance to make new friends at our fabulous free children's clubs. They will even be able to take advantage to try out new sports: pedal karting at the Domaine de Dugny, bouncy castles at the Domaine de Kerlann, horse riding at the Pignade, fishing at the Domaine de Litteau... In short, they won't be bored in our Pirate, Barracuda and Teen clubs!


Opening Times

Siblu children's clubs are open for 2 hours in the morning and for 2 hours in the afternoon, 5 and a half days a week. Activities, games, shows!


Fun Pass

Access to Siblu's children's clubs is free for Fun Pass holders (included when you book on the Siblu website).


The Entertainment team

A team of qualified activity leaders are there to ensure that your children have an unforgettable time.


Siblu Mascots

Patch, Max and Lili accompany your children in our clubs, and you'll see, they'll love them!

From 4 to 7 Years Old

All Aboard the Pirates Club

A Pirate's day is busy and full of twists and turns. It is difficult to list all the possible activities of these tireless sailors.

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Let's be sporty!

Team games, toboggan races, sports tournaments, treasure hunts, creative competitions, there's a bit of competition between Pirates, but always in good humour. These Pirates are always ready to take up challenges.


More Sports!

Beach volleyball, football, basketball, cricket, hockey, water polo, sports enthusiasts will be thrilled. The tournaments follow one after the other for our tireless athletes. Then, there's nothing better to refresh your ideas than a water polo match or a tobogganing competition with friends.


In artist mode!

Every week during the school holidays, Pirates rehearse for the Talent Show.
The show, during which the children go on stage to put on a show in front of their parents, is a great opportunity to deliver their best performance.

From 8 to 11 years old

Club Barracudas: it's madness!

Once they arrive at the campsite, children aged 8 to 11 join their friends who are waiting for them for new adventures at Club Barracudas. Discover the activities that await them throughout the week.

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Theatre, song and dance, Club Barracudas is regularly transformed into the Star Academy!



One to three times a week in the evening, the Barracudas party, Kuda Nightclub... think flashmobs and street dance classes, is exclusively for teenagers.


In adventure mode!

Get ready to take on challenges as a team from all over the world:
From sumo wrestling to French jousting and water battles, this adventure has only just begun!

12+ yrs old

Club Ados: Welcome

This new club for tweens and teens is exactly what you've been waiting for! If you are between 12 and 15 years old and even older, do not hesitate to come and see the activities that take place at the Teen Club!

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Sport non-stop!

Major sports tournaments, sumo games and water fights are among the activities we offer these teenagers!


But also...

If sport is not your cup of tea, there are different activities on offer: selfie hunt, giant cluedo, shooting a film...


Teen party!

Once a week at 9pm, your host is waiting for you to continue the fun. Dance and adventure parties are on the agenda! At the Teen Club, the fun never stops!

From 1 to 3 yrs old

Espace Bubbles, a paradise for the little ones!

Open for 2 hours in the morning and for 2 hours in the afternoon, 5 and a half days a week, the Bubbles space is the kingdom of 1-3 year olds. A multitude of toys and fun make this space fun for children.
Espace Bubbles is not a daycare centre, but a play area for toddlers. We therefore ask you to stay with your children during the session.

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Bubbles Kingdom

In each Bubbles club, games rooms are provided for the amusement of the little ones in complete safety, a universe to their size to live adventures worthy of Rugrats.


A masterpiece!

Undoubtedly the favourite activity of the little ones, having their hands in paint, glue, stickers and feathers, to make the most beautiful drawings appear before the very eyes of their parents.


Games Room

There is everything you need: toys galore, paint for future artists, the ball pit for the adventurous and a sandpit for the even more adventurous.

Travel lighter

Rent baby equipment directly on site

Baby Bath

Convenient for bathing your baby in the mobile home bathroom.


Ideal for baby's good night sleep, while saving space in your car boot.

High Chair

Baby will eat safely inside or on the terrace of your holiday home.


A practical stroller for walks during your holiday.

Facilities for children
Water Parks

Because the pleasure of water should be shared by the whole family, we have created spaces accessible to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest!


Accessible with or without an armband, your children will love spraying you with water...

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