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Discover the Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Normandy

24 May 2023

Are you planning a camping in Normandy adventure with the family? Here are 9 of the region's finest family-friendly attractions that are sure to delight everyone.

1. Bayeux Tapestry Museum

Step into history at the Bayeux Tapestry Museum, located in the charming town of Bayeux. Marvel at the original masterpiece that depicts the battles and daily life preceding the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. This iconic artwork comes to life with interactive exhibits and captivating displays, perfect for engaging children. Don't miss the opportunity to explore Bayeux's delightful high street and indulge in delectable ice cream parlours.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 24km

2. La Cité de la Mer

Embark on a maritime journey at Cherbourg's captivating museum, La Cité de la Mer. Dive into the exhibition showcasing underwater vessels throughout history, witness the beauty of a three-floor aquarium, and even explore a real nuclear submarine (prepare for the surprise of its cramped quarters!). Learn about the Titanic's visit to Cherbourg with a permanent exhibition featuring relics, room recreations, passenger stories, and a gripping 30-minute film recounting the doomed voyage.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 89km

3/ Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

Experience the grandeur of Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, one of France's most renowned attractions. This medieval monastery sits on a rocky island connected to the Normandy coast by a causeway. Encourage your children to embrace their inner adventurers as they navigate the narrow streets, winding staircases, and Gothic towers. Engage in one of the excellent guided tours to uncover the daily life of the Abbey during the Middle Ages.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 97km

4/ Château de Falaise

Transport your family back in time at the Château de Falaise, the birthplace of William the Conqueror. This medieval fortress boasts a keep, a Romanesque chapel, and fortified buildings dating back to the 11th century. Allow your children's imagination to flourish as they explore the rooms, engage with interactive displays, and even try on medieval costumes to learn about the lives of those who once inhabited this historic site.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 87km

5/ D-Day Memorial Museums & War Cemeteries

Immerse your family in the history of the D-Day landings through Normandy's exceptional museums. Caen, renowned as one of the best, along with Omaha Beach and Arromanches, offer captivating displays, films, photographs, and personal stories of soldiers and civilians. Deepen your children's understanding of the significance of the D-Day operations and the sacrifices made during the war. Take a moment of reflection at the solemn war cemeteries, providing a poignant reminder of the countless lives lost.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: Varies

6/ Arromanches 360

Experience the D-Day landings from a unique perspective at Arromanches 360. Enter the nine-screen circular cinema and be transported through a 19-minute film showcasing the Normandy landings during World War II. Witness history come alive with archival footage and immersive sound effects, ensuring an engaging experience for both children and adults.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 37km

7/ Château de Caen

Uncover the mysteries of the 11th-century Château de Caen in the vibrant city of Caen. Wander through the castle's towers, walls, and gates, igniting your children's imagination as they envision themselves as knights or royals from a bygone era


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 45km

8/ Festyland

For a day filled with excitement, head to Festyland, an amusement park near Caen that offers fun and thrills for visitors of all ages. From carousels to thrilling roller coasters, pirate ships to splash rides, there's something for everyone. Little ones can enjoy slides and a dedicated playground area. In 2023, don't miss the new addition of Kraken, the Village of Six Sea Monsters, where young explorers can jump, climb, and discover secret passages.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 45km

9/ Zoo de Jurques

Visit Zoo de Jurques, home to over 600 animals including lions, tigers, monkeys, and birds. This delightful zoo also features a playground, picnic area, and a small train that takes you on a scenic ride around the park.


Distance from Domaine de Litteau: 30km

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